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Membership Benefits

Membership in the association provides valuable benefits such as professional development, networking opportunities, and resource materials. The association is carefully structured to include both the private and public sectors with members from municipalities, hospitals, universities, airports, public parking companies, suppliers, and consultants. The CPA’s pledge is to keep its members abreast of the changes and advancements in the parking industry.

The Parker, a bilingual quarterly magazine, provides insight into the industry’s activities. Featured articles written by the experts cover every subject related to parking. Get to know other parking professionals through the industry news items, professional achievements and new appointments, and follow the activities of the Board of Directors and the local chapters in each issue.

Suppliers of equipment and services can reach their target market through the many advertising opportunities offered by the association. A Conference and Trade Show is held annually in a major Canadian city. The show has come to be known as the largest and most important parking events in Canada.

District Chapters offer regional meetings to discuss topical issues throughout the year. Local participants come from all sectors to share experiences, insights and to discuss local issues. CPA membership is encouraged but not required to attend a local chapter meeting.

Membership Application Fees

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Networking Opportunities

One of the greatest benefits of industry associations is meeting other people in your profession. The CPA offers excellent opportunities to network with the people who can relate to your issues and provide insight into their own operations, where possible solutions are developed or shared.

The Canadian Parking Association supports the following parking-related events and encourages members and non-members to participate in as many events as possible to keep ahead of changes to the parking industry. 

The CPA Conference & Trade Show

The founders of the association saw the need to hold an annual meeting to share new ideas, gain technical expertise, and offer a venue for showcasing innovative solutions to the industry’s challenges. This event has evolved over the years to include world-class speakers, presentations, and learning opportunities and is anxiously anticipated by all, as it is a most significant nationwide networking opportunity.

The Trade Show

A major portion of the annual gathering is the trade show. It is here that members who may be in the market for new equipment and/or ideas can see state-of-the-art products and innovation available in Canada, speak to the vendors, and place orders. Appointments can be arranged by the exhibitors for showings during off-show hours where equipment can be demonstrated privately.

Round Table Discussions

These discussion groups provide an opportunity for the different sectors of the industry to meet for informal ‘shop talk’ sessions and have become a tradition at the annual conference. Scheduled during the conference registration and trade show set up, the meetings are a place to renew acquaintances and meet new members from the parking profession. It is here that members speak freely and share problems, insights, and solutions that are specific to their sector. Where else can airport, hospital, university, municipal parking managers, and consultants gather to network?

Host Committees

Each year the conference and trade show location alternates from East to central to West, providing members with an opportunity to host the conference in their city. The host committee is a vital part of the conference as they draw diversity from all regions to create a new and innovative program each year.

District Chapters

The Canadian Parking Association board encourages and supports the creation of district chapters of the CPA. The CPA's goals for the creation of district chapters are to foster the CPA mission and vision at a local level, to support the CPA strategic plan and to encourage increased involvement in the CPA.

District Chapters enable the CPA to extend its reach to all levels of the parking industry. Chapter members interact frequently to discuss problems and new concepts with the goal of developing common solutions at the local level. The local chapters are comprised of individuals or companies who are involved locally in the parking industry. Joining a chapter is easy. Chapter leaders are required to hold a CPA membership, but participants do not require a membership to attend meetings. Admission fees are required from time to time to cover the cost of speakers, room rentals, or miscellaneous expenses.

Call the CPA office and ask for information on the chapter nearest you or contact the chapter leader in your area.

In your role as a Chapter Leader:

World Parking Symposium

Answering a need in the parking industry for the exchange of information and technology on a global scale, the World Parking Symposium (WPS) was created to provide a venue for discussion and debate on parking and transportation issues experienced internationally.  Learn more.

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